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AP Summer Institutes

Summer 2018

The College Board offers some scholarships for attending an APSI.  The application deadline is February 15, 2018.

AP Computer Science A

Instructor: Maria Litvin

  June 26-29 July 10-13 July 16-20
Montgomery College
Rockville, MD

Marcy Jackson, Program Director
Tel: 240-567-2592
51 Mannakee Street
Rockville, MD  20850
http://cms.montgomerycollege. edu/wdce/apinstitute.html

Pike High School
Indianapolis, Indiana

Karen Morris, Program Director
Tel: 574-631-6945
Fax: 574-631-2131
University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame, IN  46556

Saint Joseph’s College
Standish, Maine

Rick Dennison, APSI Program Director
Tel: 207-893-7512
Fax: 207-893-7707
278 White’s Bridge Road
Standish, ME  04084

July 22-27 July 30 - August 3 August 6-9
St. Johnsbury Academy
St. Johnsbury, Vermont

Steven Jolliffe, Director
Tel: 802-751-2070
1000 Main Street
St. Johnsbury, VT  05819

Manhattan College
New York, NY

Dr. Bridget Chalk, Director, AP Workshops
Tel: 718-862-7752
Manhattan College Pkwy
Riverdale, NY  10471

Rutgers University
New Brunswick, NJ

Krystal Ladao, Director, AP Summer Institute
Tel: 848-932-9635
New Brunswick, NJ  08901

      Course outline:

      The course accommodates participants with different levels of familiarity with Java and OOP.  We will study classes and objects, constructors and methods, abstract classes and interfaces, inheritance and polymorphism, strings, 1D and 2D arrays and ArrayList, and other topics specified in the AP CS A Course Description.  We will discuss the College Board’s course audit process, work with the College Board's exemplar labs (Magpie, Picture Lab, Elevens) and other materials, including the multiple choice and free-response questions from past exams, and share techniques for teaching Java in high school.

AP Calculus

Instructor: Mark Howell

June 18-22
June 26-29
July 9-12, AB review
July 16-20, AB
July 23-27, BC
Fairfax High School
Fairfax, VA

Chris Powell, APSI Director
Laura Trinh, Adm Assistant
Advanced Academic Programs
Fairfax County Public Schools
Tel: 571-423-4741
3501 Rebel Run
Fairfax, VA  22030
https://www.fcps.edu/ node/33098

The Pacific AP Institute
Monterey, California

Mike Basham
Tel: 530-903-9423
CSU - Monterey Bay
Seaside, CA  90815

Fordham University
New York, NY

Sudanë Del Valle
Tel: 212-636-7235
Lincoln Center Campus
113 West 60th Street
New York, NY  10023
www.fordham.edu/info/ 21051/advanced_placement _institutes

  July 30 – August 3
Manhattan College
New York, NY

Dr. Bridget Chalk, Director
Tel: 718-862-7752
Manhattan College Pkwy
Riverdale, NY  10471

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