Continental Mathematics League Computer Science Contests

for Grades 3-5 and 6-8

The Continental Mathematics League has been offering K-12 competitions in math and other subjects for over thirty five years.  CML offers computer science contests for elementary school students in grades 3-5 since 2014 and for middle school students in grades 6-8 since 2016.
     O   The constest consists of three "meets," six questions for 30 minutes in each meet.
     O   All the questions are "unplugged": no computers are needed.
     O   No coding experience is assumed.
     O   The contests are designed to be a learning experience and foster computational thinking skills.
     O   See sample questions here:  O   The contest is a team as well as an individual competition.
     O   A team is expected to have at least six students and can have as many students as you wish
          (even the whole school).
     O   Feel free to mix students from different grades on a team for the same contest,
          but CML anticipates that each student will participate at or above his/her present grade level.
     O   You administer the meet on the designated day or the closest possible day):

      Meet 1January
      Meet 2February
      Meet 3March
      (See the CML schedule for the proposed dates.)

     O   You will download the questions for all three meets from the CML web site, ahead of the start date.
     O   Students work independently for 30 minutes.
     O   You proctor and score the meet using the answer key and solutions provided (honor system).
     O   For the top six scores in a team, you report student names and scores to CML.
          The top six students may vary from meet to meet.
     O   At the end of the competition you will receive an informative report,
          including the state and national results.
     O   Reward five of your team members with an official certificate
          and two top students with a medal of recognition.