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Benita Albert has taught AP Calculus for 36 years at Oak Ridge High School in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.  She has served as an AP Exam Reader, Table Leader, and member of the AP Calculus Test Development Committee.  A consultant for The College Board, Benita has taught more than 100 summer institutes for AP Calculus teachers  and authored the College Board’s 1985 AP Teacher's Guide to Advanced Placement Mathematics.  She has also served on planning committees for the Pre-AP initiatives, Math Vertical Teams, and Building Success in Mathematics.  At Oak Ridge High School, Benita has designed and taught a second-year sequel to BC Calculus, covering multivariable calculus, ordinary differential equations, and elementary linear algebra.  Benita has won numerous awards: the 1975 Distinguished Classroom Teacher for East Tennessee, the 1991 Presidential Award for Secondary Mathematics Teaching, the 1992 Tandy Outstanding Educator Award, the 1999 Siemens Award for Advanced Placement, and, most recently, the 2003 College Board Southeastern Region Distinguished Service Award.



Phyllis Hillis has taught mathematics at Oak Ridge High School in Oak Ridge, Tennessee for 25 years.  She has taught AP Calculus AB for 18 years and served as an AP Calculus Reader and Table Leader since 1993.  As a consultant for The College Board, she has taught AP Calculus summer institutes, Pre-AP, Math Vertical Team, and Building Success in Mathematics workshops throughout the Southeastern region.  She now serves on the SAT II Mathematics Test Development Committee.  Phyllis has also taught in Copenhagen, Denmark, and assisted in the Mathematics Department at the University of California in San Diego during a sabbatical year.  Additionally she worked at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory doing environmental research.  She is a Woodrow Wilson Fellow, 1985, and a winner of the Tandy Technology Outstanding Educator Award, 1998.



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