Be Prepared for the AP Calculus Exam

Authors and Exam Contributors

Mark Howell is a veteran teacher of advanced placement mathematics and computer science at his alma mater, Gonzaga College High School in Washington, DC.  Mark has served the Advanced Placement community for many years, as a workshop leader, reader of AP exams, Table Leader, Question Leader, and Exam Leader.  He served on the AP Calculus Development Committee from 1996 to 1999.  Mark is the author of the 2005 AP Calculus Teacher's Guide and a variety of AP Calculus support materials, and a contributor to the AP Central web site.  His efforts to further technology use to enhance the teaching and learning of mathematics have taken him throughout the continental U.S., as well as Puerto Rico, Mexico, Honolulu, Singapore, China, Australia, and Thailand.  He won the Siemens Award for Advanced Placement in 1999, the Tandy Technology Scholars Award the same year, and a Presidential Award for Excellence in 2017.



Martha Montgomery has been the Mathematics Specialist at Fremont City Schools in Fremont, Ohio, since 2002.  Prior to that, she taught AP Calculus and chaired the mathematics department at Fremont Ross High School for more than 20 years.  Martha has participated in the AP Calculus exam grading as a Reader, Table Leader, Question Leader, Alternate Exam Leader and finally BC Exam Leader.  She served on the AP Calculus Test Development Committee from 1996 to 1999 and contributed many reviews and teacher materials to the AP Central web site.  Martha has conducted College Board workshops for teachers in the Midwest and led many workshops for teachers in northwest Ohio.



Benita Albert has taught AP Calculus for 36 years at Oak Ridge High School in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.  She has served as an AP Exam Reader, Table Leader, and member of the AP Calculus Test Development Committee.  A consultant for The College Board, Benita has taught more than 100 summer institutes for AP Calculus teachers  and authored the College Board’s 1985 AP Teacher's Guide to Advanced Placement Mathematics.  She has also served on planning committees for the Pre-AP initiatives, Math Vertical Teams, and Building Success in Mathematics.  At Oak Ridge High School, Benita has designed and taught a second-year sequel to BC Calculus, covering multivariable calculus, ordinary differential equations, and elementary linear algebra.  Benita has won numerous awards: the 1975 Distinguished Classroom Teacher for East Tennessee, the 1991 Presidential Award for Secondary Mathematics Teaching, the 1992 Tandy Outstanding Educator Award, the 1999 Siemens Award for Advanced Placement, and, most recently, the 2003 College Board Southeastern Region Distinguished Service Award.



Thomas Dick is a professor of mathematics and the coordinator of collegiate mathematics education as well as the faculty director at Oregon State University's Mathematics Learning Center.  He has served on the Research Advisory Council of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, and has chaired The College Board's AP Calculus Test Development Committee.  Tom has also chaired the joint committee on research in undergraduate mathematics education of the American Mathematical Society (AMS) and Mathematical Association of America (MAA).  Currently, Tom is co-chair of the MAA/College Board Committee on Mutual Concerns.  He is also an associate editor for the School Science and Mathematics Journal and a member of the editorial panel for the Journal for Research in Mathematics Education.  From 1992 to 1995 he led the Calculus Connections Project, a National Science Foundation program that helped 600 AP Calculus teachers across the nation implement technology-intensive calculus curriculum reforms.



Joe Milliet teaches both middle and high school mathematics and coaches the Upper School Math Team at St. Mark's School of Texas.  Joe taught high school mathematics at Beaumont Central High School in Beaumont, Texas, for 22 years.  During that time, he served the AP Calculus community  as a College Board consultant, a workshop leader, exam reader, and member of the AP Calculus Test Development Committee.  During the 1998-1999 academic year, Joe served as Associate Director for the AP Program at the College Board Southwest Region Office (SWRO) in Austin, Texas.  From June 1999 to July 2000, Joe worked as a consultant to promote a partnership between the College Board SWRO and the University of Texas, while also developing AP course support material in conjunction with the Dana Center for Math and Science Education at the University of Texas.  Joe returned to teaching in 2000, joining the faculty at St. Mark's.



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