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Part (a)
public class OrFilter implements Filter
  private List<Filter> filters;

  public OrFilter(Filter f1, Filter f2)
    filters = new LinkedList<Filter>(); 1

  public void add(Filter f)

  public boolean accept(String text)
    for (Filter f : filters)
      if (f.accept(text))
        return true;
    return false;
  1. Or ArrayList<Filter>

Part (b)
  /** @param desirable contains strings that are allowed
   *         Precondition: desirable.length > 1
   *  @param notAllowed the string that is not allowed
   *  @return a Filter that accepts strings that contain at least one string
   *          in desirable and do not contain notAllowed.
  public static Filter buildFilter(String[] desirable,
                                   String notAllowed)
    OrFilter orF = new OrFilter(new SimpleFilter(desirable[0]),
                                new SimpleFilter(desirable[1]));
    for (int i = 2; i < desirable.length; i++)
      orF.add(new SimpleFilter(desirable[i]));

    NotFilter notF = new NotFilter(new SimpleFilter(notAllowed));

    return new AndFilter(orF, notF);

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