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Free-Response Questions: Annotated Solutions

The 2013 free-response questions are posted on the College Board's web site.

The x2013all.zip file contains complete Java classes for runnable projects with small test programs.

2013 AP* Computer Science A


In this question you have to work with ArrayLists and compare strings.

Solution and notes


This question asks you to generate random integers and traverse a one-dimensional array in a wrap-around manner.

Solution and notes


This question deals with the GridWorld case study. You have to write a method that returns a list of all empty locations in a grid and write a subclass of Critter.

Solution and notes


In this question you have to fill a two-dimensional array in the "telescopic" order with values from a one-dimensional array; you also have to find the average of values in a rectangular region of a 2-D array.

Solution and notes

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